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Wednesday, October 2

I have a met a lot of very cool people on the internet in the past year.

I really never thought that I would say that!

But seriously, I just can't believe what incredible characters I have struck up on and offline friendships with since I joined blogger and twitter land.

Creative, outspoken, passionate and motivated souls, determined to see and document the positive and joyous moments of their lives.

And I've seen how the online community can pull together with kindness towards someone when they are struggling with challenges that life can hurl at us.

They say that You are the Average of the 5 People that you spend the most time with...

And I can tell you that after anytime I  meet up with 'my blogger girls' I am full to bursting with inspiration for this space of mine on the internet and for life.

I just wish that I had more opportunities to do so!


When Bobbi (an internet now real life friend) 

and Che (we were at school together and reconnected from the internet),

asked if I was keen to get involved with an event bringing together the kind of people that I am so inspired by online, into a real life Photo Hunting event.

I was SO excited.

And so I am delighted to announce our new venture,

The PhotoHunters, and the details of our first event!

The PhotoHunt,

Geared towards bloggers, photographers, and creative spirits - we guarantee that this day will be jam-packed with good laughter, happy people, genuine interacting and networking and filled with awesome picture snapping opportunities!

We have some awesome prizes lined up - including prizes for best dressed team and best individual snap! We have a limit of 60 places for our first event - so book soon - so that you don't miss out! 

Get your tickets on the website!

We can't wait to see you on October 26th!

Love from.

Lulu, Bobbi And Che

PS, Im in charge of our new Twitter account, so please send me some twitter love @thephotohunters! 

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