The Very 1st Photo Hunt!

Tuesday, October 29

On Saturday, Che, Bobbi and I, hosted our first Photo Hunt event.

The aim was to provide bloggers and creatives with an opportunity to interact and network in a fun way, offline. Read how we came up with the idea initially here.

After meeting at BoxPark in Shoreditch, we divided everyone into their teams, and gave them their task sheets for the day.

From 10:30 to 1pm, the teams wandered (and at times raced) their way around the buzzy borough of Shoreditch, snapping photo's as proof of every task that they had completed.

We then reconvened at BoxPark to tally up the scores, and refuel thanks to our lovely sponsor's:
 Milk, Tea and Pearl for bubble tea, a falafel pita from Falafelicous, followed by delicious yoghurts from Chobani for dessert!

After a few spot prizes, the final scores were revealed, and the winners declared as the 
Drunken Reindeer Team.
Well Done to Freya, Siobhan, Elena and Anna for managing to complete EVERY task!

Thank You so much to all of you that came! We had no idea that we would have 32 people sign up to our very first event, with only 4 weeks notice from when we revealed our plan!

The enthusiasm with which you all embraced the tasks was incredible.  From running races with strangers to capturing a 'sidewalk tragedy', and a 'creative interpretation of an idiom', we could not have had a more fabulous group of attendees!

Thank You for all your positive feedback on the event.

We had so much fun planning it all, and I loved meeting all of you and discovering more gorgeous blogs to read!

And Emma and Sarah, it was SO lovely to finally meet you two in real life, after reading your blogs for so long!

This picture pretty much sums up how I felt all day on Saturday!  You know how much I love hanging out with like minded people from the internet...

Bobbi and Che, Wow, you girls are incredible.  Your hard work and attention to detail in planning this event has astounded me.  The laughs we have had over the past few weeks in the planning, and then the minor panic stations we had on Friday when were at the printers and the hard drive wouldn't work, have all been incredible to share with you!

Thank You.

Our next event is on the 1st of March, you should sign up.

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We also hope to have The Photo Hunt blog up soon, I can't wait to share the link with you!

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