What is a Superfood? And what are examples of Superfoods?

Monday, October 7

Far and away the most read post on this blog, is "What your tongue says about You."

And since I wrote it, I have had many many emails from people who have read it, and wanted more information about the subject.

Yesterday I got this message:

 "Lulu my GF says my tongue is f****d up, what are examples of superfoods and how much dairy intake is a lot of dairy intake..." 

And thought I would try and answer it in my own words today.

Now as you all know I am a Physiotherapist and not a Nutritionist, but I have read a lot of books about this subject since my melanoma dramas last year after my Dr told me that eating blueberries every day would save my life.  

And because he could have googled it, but he asked me :)

I also completed a Cancer and Nutrition course through the University of Arizona last year, and I discovered that there are a few foods that pop up again and again as top of the ranks in the super food hierarchy

The word Superfood is one that we hear often today. 

But what is a Superfood?

Superfoods are powerful sources of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, healthy fats and oils and anti oxidants. 

Anti-oxidants are the really good guys when it comes to preventing cancer.  This is because if you have a cell that has the potential to go the cancer way or behave itself and stay as a healthy one, the anti-oxidants help prevent it from going the cancer way, by blocking the free radicals.

 If you want more details about how this happens- read here.

There are loads of books out there and lists and lists online about which Superfoods and are the best.

But I thought I would share the Superfoods,
 that to me, seem to come out on top over and over again.

This blog wouldn't be called Berry Diaries if I didn't list Blueberries first. 

Blueberries, and other deeply coloured berries. 
Buy frozen ones if the price of fresh ones terrifies you too much.

And then in no particular order....

I read somewhere that if scientists had to make a tablet that held the equivalent of how much goodness is in a serving of spinach, the tablet would be too big for us to hold in 2 hands! 

Try eating it raw dipped in Yoghurt with some spices..

A great source of loads of vitamins and minerals, full of the good fats, and been shown to be very 
effective in inhibiting the development of prostate cancer cells.

Another great source of the good Omega fatty acids.  A study showed that people who ate a serving of fatty fish such as salmon once a week were 70% less likely to be at risk of having a heart attack.

I could go on for days about the documented health benefits of nuts. 
And I know a few people who swear by eating almonds daily to prevent cold sores.

Bell Peppers/Capsicum.
Seems red are considered to be better for you than the green or yellow!

Edamame Beans.
 Also called Soy beans.

 Contains more than twice the levels of anti-oxidants than other leafy greens.
Try it in a smoothie or as kale chips.

Make sure they are rolled or steel cut, so that they haven't had sugar added.
Brilliant for reducing cholesterol.

Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric
are mentioned over and over and over again for their health benefits and are great to season your food with.

And then the really bad guy that none of us seem to grow up knowing about is the potatoe. Potatoes do not feature in any of my superfood books, and are not considered to be of enough nutritional value to count as on of your 5 a day either!

I hope that this has answered your question...

If you think back to what you have eaten in the last week, have you had your recommended 5-8 servings a day of fruit and vegetables? 

And ideally, more vegetables than fruit...

And with regards to the dairy part of the question, more interesting stuff about that to follow this week...
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