A Bitter Sweet Tuesday

Wednesday, November 20

I feel as though as I have had more going on in the past few days than I usually do in months.  

So much has happened this week and it's only Wednesday.

On Monday I taught my Yoga 'feedback class', the practical examination following the three theory papers that we wrote this weekend. I am delighted to have passed, and I can't believe that Nikki and I are now fully qualified Integral Yoga Hatha teachers! More about all of that soon.

Yesterday was Bitter Sweet for me.

Sweet in that I met my friend Anshul and Aditi's baby girl for the first time! The last time I saw Aditi she was 6 months pregnant with Anya at our Wedding in South Africa.  Anya is the most beautiful bubbly precious child you've ever met and I can't wait to hang out with her again whilst they are visiting London!

And also bitter bitter bitter....

as I had to say good bye to Jen, as she and Barks are moving back to South Africa.

Jen and I have been pretty much inseparable since we started at boarding school together aged 13.  After school she went to University in Australia and I in South Africa. For the past 7 years we have been reunited in London, and lived if not together, then very nearby to each other.

Jen who is I call when I am happy, sad, angry or debating quitting my job.  She is my friend who will get up at 5am to ice cupcakes that she has made for me for an event of mine that she isn't even able to attend. She is the person in my life who 'just so happens to have the day off' and can come with me when I'm facing a terrifying visit to my Oncologist. Jen always remembers the little things. Being with her and Barks in Italy earlier this year when they got engaged was so incredibly special, and I am so going to miss all our travelling adventures.

Jen you bake the best cupcakes, make the best salads, buy the most thoughtful presents and read more trashy chick lit novels than anyone else I know.  I love how you pour you whole heart into tasks that you care about, and how indifferent you are at those that you aren't passionate about!

You have patiently endured hundreds of conversations about the benefits of yoga this year and I love how you also educate new Mummies about Physio things that I'm always going on about. 

I am tearful as I write this as my heart despairs at the prospect of living in London without you, but I know that you two are making the right move for yourselves right now. And Jen, you couldn't be making the move with a greater man beside you.

I can't wait for your Wedding next December, I just wish that I could be doing my bridesmaids duties from the same country as you.

Jen and Barks all the best for your next adventure, THANK goodness we are going to see you guys in a few weeks in Cape Town...or else I would be having a breakdown right now.

Wow but am I going to miss you.

Now you HAVE to start a Blog so that I can make sure that I don't miss out on ANY of your antics..

Love you my friend...
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