Our Incredible Yoga Retreat at Cleeve House

Wednesday, November 6

I had a wonderful time on my Yoga retreat this weekend at Cleeve house in Wiltshire, after initially promising myself I would never go on another one...

The view from our bedroom when we returned upstairs after our morning practice was incredible. Sunlight streaming through the windows and the fresh crisp morning air outside.

The house is ancient, and beautiful in a rustic kind of way.

Virginia Woolf, the famous English author, is also linked to the home.  Her sister, Vanessa Bell, was married to the owner at the time, Clive Bell and Virginia spent a significant amount time writing here in the 1920's.

The library is a beautiful big room, although I'm sure it would have had far more books in it before it was turned into a B and B...

Robs loved the weekend too.

On Saturday night, we sat around the fire, with the lights dimmed and sang songs (kirtan) whilst two of the yogi's in our group played on their guitars...It was wonderful, and almost made up for the unlit bonfire outside that we would have been sat around had it not rained.

The rain didn't stop us from running around outside in the dark with sparklers though in celebration of Diwali.  I felt like a child running around with pure delight.

The grounds are beautiful and surrounding countryside is picture book perfect.

We spent a lot of time in this room, on our mats.  Meditating, yoga-ing and deep relaxation-ing.
It was wonderful. And I survived the periods of silence from 9:30 pm to 10am pretty easily too...I also found the 5:30am starts pretty effortless. 

Maybe I am going to become more of a morning person after all?

The food was unbelievable.  

Each person brought a cooked vegetarian dish and lovely Ammaprema did the rest of the weekends shopping.

There were 25 of us on the retreat, but it felt like I tasted 50 amazing dishes this weekend.  Everybody helps with preparing the meals, setting up and washing up afterwards and the karma yogi spirit was abundant throughout the weekend.

I left there feeling restored and rejuvenated, having met a whole new bunch of wonderful friends.

Thanks so much to Padma for a wonderful weekend, and thanks to all the ladies (and gentleman) who were there!

I laughed so much this weekend, and learnt so much from so many of you.

Thank You.

A few people have asked me for more information on Padma's retreats, you can like her Facebook page here for more information on her wonderful retreats, and to learn how you can also find more peace within yourself...
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