Festive Snacking

Friday, November 15

The lovely ladies from the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar kindly asked me to contribute to their campaign this year.  With my Yoga teacher's exams looming this weekend and the busiest two weeks that I have had since my Physio practice opened, I was unable to make the Yoga 'workout' video that I had hoped to.  

I instead offered to contribute a recipe, and decided to use this one, that I posted earlier this year and absolutely love.

If you are wondering what the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar is, the ladies describe it as:

An alternative to the usual chocolate-based Christmas countdown, this online calendar will provide viewers with a free workout routine, a healthy recipe, and a health-related business deal (giveaways, discounts on products, free London-based fitness classes).
How it works:

1. Visit www.zerocalorieadventcalendar.com every day from 1-24 December after 9am GMT.
2. Check out the free workout,delicious healthy recipe and fabulous special offer for that day.
3.  This year we are supporting one very special charity – A Mile In Her Shoes

We hope that people see the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar as a motivational tool to stay fit, happy, and healthy at a time of year when over-indulgence becomes the norm.
Connect with us on Facebook  at www.facebook.com/ZeroCalAdvent and Twitter@ZeroCalAdvent (also #FatFreeXmas and #ZeroCalAdventCal )
Nut, Cranberry, Dried Fruit, Sunflower Seed and Dark Chocolate Mix

This very simple recipe, is a slightly healthier alternative to the usual calories involved in the food devoured over the Festive period. and could also make a lovely little gift. 

Simply Mix Together:

One Fruit and Nut Snack Mix
Dried Cranberries
Pumpkin Seeds
Dark Chocolate

You can leave the chocolate in blocks, or chop it a little smaller. 

It is delicious with out the chocolate too!

Serve in a pretty bowl, or re-use an old glass jar, and decorate the outside to make a lovely little Festive Gift.

Hint: Use Vinegar to rid the glass of the smell of it's previous contents.   After washing thoroughly, place the jar (not the lid) on the oven for 20 minutes at 180' to ensure that there is no residual food in the jar that can go mouldy in the future...


And make sure that you sign up to the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar to help you keep a little more on the healthy track this Festive season!

Have a wonderful weekend friends, and I look forward to being back to some more regular blogging next week hopefully...
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