Overwhelmed but Excited

Thursday, November 7

I feel like I am juggling so many exciting projects at the moment that I hardly have enough space in my head to think straight.

Which is why my blog is sadly being a little neglected at the moment, I am sorry and please bear with me...I just need to get through my Yoga teacher exams next Weekend and then I feel like I will finally be able to breath a little.  No irony intended there:)

Today I taught my first antenatal class with the rest of incredible Prenatal Classroom team at Grace, the private Women's only members club in Belgravia.  I absolutely loved teaching the group of pregnant ladies about what they need to be aware of whilst pregnant and in the post natal period, from the Physio perspective.  We are so fortunate to have had such a wonderful group of Women who have signed up for the classes. 

And despite being so nervous last night that I could hardly sleep, I now can't wait for the next one!

Tonight I head off to the Paediatric Physiotherapy conference in Bristol until Saturday, which I am also really looking forward to.

In other VERY exciting news, I together with the Prenatal Classroom team, have been approached with an incredible book deal!  Plenty more to come about that in the future. At the moment I am just still feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. But so so grateful and excited.

So thanks so much to all of you who so kindly pop past here to read what I have to say. I'm hoping to give this space of mine on the internet the time that I would like to again, soon.

I really really appreciate you visiting here.

Have a super weekend!
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