Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 11

Today we leave for the sunshine, and to see our Family and Friends in South Africa for the next three weeks!

I am going to be pretty much completely offline until the beginning of January, other than on Instagram, where you can find me at luluberrydiaries.

Thank You so very much to all of you that have come to hang out with me on my little space on the internet this year.  I appreciate it so very much!

I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Merry Festive Season! 

Zero Calorie Advent Calendar

Tuesday, December 10

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Hello all to the Zero Calorie Advent Followers, and thanks for popping over to my blog!

I shared a simple Festive Snacking idea as my contribution to the is year's Zero Calorie Advent Calendar, which you can find here.

The Calendar supports the Wonderful Charity, A Mile in Her Shoes.

A Mile in Her Shoes is a charity that helps homeless women to find their feet through running.

Our project creates, leads and supports groups of women who are currently homeless to try running at sessions with a qualified run leader, helping them to reach their own personal goals.
They are also encouraged to access further support services to address issues surrounding homelessness.

If you have any spare running shoes or kit that women in the project could re-use to take part in the running sessions - or that we could re-sell to help raise funds - please get in touch.

I hope that you are having a super week so far.

I can't believe that we leave for South Africa tomorrow!

RIP Tata Madiba

Friday, December 6

Today we mourn the passing of one of the World's greatest human beings.  

I had the privilege of meeting him once briefly, and he shook my hand and asked how I was.  I was 18 years old and completely in awe of the man stood in front of me.

I was telling one of the ladies on my recent yoga retreat about this very special moment in my life, when she said, "So he was completely present, as he spoke to you."  And she in those words helped me understand why this brief interaction with him was so powerful for so many of us that day. For those few seconds, whilst his minders patiently propelled him through a crowd of adoring school children, he was completely focussed on each adolescent that he spoke to.

The next time I saw in real life was 5 years ago at the 46664 concert to commemorate his 90th Birthday at Hyde Park.  I was struck by his frailty, and certainly wash't the only one to shed a few happy tears watching him smiling and enjoying the concert each time that the camera's showed a close up shot of him.

How someone who has spent 27 years in prison says the following upon his release, is beyond my grasp of the ability of a human to forgive.

"I greet you all in the name of peace, democracy and freedom for all. I stand here before you not as a prophet but as a humble servant of you, the people. Your tireless and heroic sacrifices have made it possible for me to be here today. I therefore place the remaining years of my life in your hands."

Tata Madiba, if there was a democratic system for a very select few to remain immortal, I think we all know who the people of South Africa and many other parts of the world's votes would go to.

Thank You for all that you did for our beautiful country.

You will never be forgotten.

Swiss Christmas Markets

Tuesday, December 3

We had a wonderful weekend in Zurich and Basel at their Christmas Markets!

It was crisp with smatterings of snow about, but sunny.

 The Air BnB apartment that I booked for us to stay in was great, and very hipster.
The owner must have either inherited it from someone 20 years ago and not changed a thing, or she has spent a LOT of time buying old school items.  I'm talking an original etch a sketch board in the toilet, snap bracelets and a retro crockery collection that would take years to accumulate in thrift stores. I felt like I was continually fascinated by little smurf figurines perched in pot plants and very cool green coloured wine glass stems...

Hope that you had a good weekend too!

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