A day with some of my Favourite People in Stellenbosch

Saturday, January 4

I love being from a big family. I have two brothers and a sister, and my Dad is one of six children.  Four of my Dad's siblings are also Farmers (or married to Farmers) and live in the same small town that we do.  And so I have been extremely lucky to grow up counting my aunts, uncles and cousins as some of my closest friends!

Living in London, I don't get to hang out with any of my Family as much as I would like to and so our recent holiday to South Africa was an incredible opportunity to spend time with some of my favourite people!

We were all in the Cape for my cousin Meg's Wedding and the pictures below are a few from the day of her Wedding. It was my Uncle Ross's Birthday too, and so we spent the morning visiting Wine Farms and had a delicious breakfast at the Hillcrest Berry Farm, before going to their beautiful Wedding.


I love these Guys!
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