Admiration. And an App you should Download.

Tuesday, January 28

I sincerely admire anyone who has ever written a whole book.

I am contributing a Chapter to a book written by a midwife a Paediatrician and a GP, and I need to hand in my first draft to the Publishers on Friday.

I feel like this book writing has consumed me since we got back from South Africa,  thankfully today I finally feel that I'm slowly getting there.

I have moments of severe distraction and feelings of hopelessness.

And then other moments where I read something I wrote a few days before and I'm quietly satisfied.

Thanks goodness for my daily meditation sessions.

I am the most focussed directly after them. And so I've sometimes been sneaking in an extra one in the day.

Speaking of which, I recently completed the free Headspace take 10 meditation app, and it's brilliant.

You should go and download it now.

If you have been considering trying to meditate-I couldn't think of a better way to start.

Che and I are totally sold on Andy who guides you through.

He takes you through the kosha's, (yogi's you will know what I mean), and the 10 minute sessions feel like they are over in 3.

Let me know how you get on...

And I will get back to writing and researching and rereading and rewriting....


  1. Wow how cool that you're contributing to a book!! Also I'm definitely going to check out that app. I've been trying to start regular meditation but have been struggling a bit, a guided meditation app sounds perfect! :)

    1. It really is a brilliant way to get into it! Good Luck! x

  2. Sounds like a great app, will defo be downloading it soon!

  3. I tried to get into this last year, and while I love the idea I'm clearly not very good at meditating! I've had a difficult start to the year, so this is a good reminder to give it another go, as it could have just been that I didn't have a need for it last time around.


    1. I found it SO difficult initially too! really wish that I had discovered this app a year ago! Sorry to hear that you have had a horrible start to the year:( Hope it improves and hope to catch up in real life again soon...x


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