Chakra Necklaces

Thursday, January 9

A year ago I walked into a shop and saw the most gorgeous Chakra bracelets.  The sales lady encouraged me to choose the one that I most drawn to by my own intuition, and I couldn't take my eyes off of the heart one.

Until I saw the price, it was so much more than I could ever justify paying.

The seven chakras in our bodies are energy centres that energy flows through.  A disruption in these centres blocks the harmonious flow of energy through our beings.

I got home and emailed my Aunt Heidi, who makes a gorgeous range of jewellery called Ninz, which she sells in South Africa.  I asked her to make me a Chakra bracelet or necklace.  She says that she got goosebumps reading the email as she had been thinking that week that she wanted to add some Chakra jewellery to her range.

Whilst we were home in South Africa, she gave me my beautiful heart Chakra Necklace, and sure enough the body parts that it balances are the areas where I have the lingering aches after my melanoma cancer surgery.

I love it. And I find that it serves as a constant reminder to me to try and be more Present in everything that I do.

I have some more of her gorgeous sterling silver pendant on silk thread necklaces to sell. 

They are sterling silver,  hand made and hand polished with love.

And they are a quarter of the price of the ones that I first discovered last year!

I have however still been surprised at how many have already been snapped up by my Family and Friends.

And even more amazed by how my friend with kidney problems was drawn to the chakra that helps balance kidneys, my friend who knows she should quit smoking was drawn to the throat and how everyone who has chosen one so far has nodded as they read what their particular chosen one helps with.

Click here to see which the one you most drawn to helps to balance.

If you would like to buy one, 

Email me at: lulujjohnson at gmail dot com stating which necklace you would like to order.

I will then send you a paypal invoice and pop it into the post for you ASAP.

£1 from each necklace sold online will go to my Yoga teacher, Rev Padma Priya's Charity in Sri Lanka.

Please note that £20 includes postage for UK residents, and that postage to any other countries may be a little more.

I can't wait for you to have one of your own too :)

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