The Old Biscuit Mill, Cape Town.

Friday, January 24

I think I first heard about The Old Biscuit Mill Market last year when reading Bailey's blog, Vanilla Blonde.  

And I have been dying to go and see it for myself ever since!

Finally on our last full day in Cape Town this December, on the day of Paul and Lauren's Wedding, whilst Pete and the boys were doing their best man duties, Andy, Cayl's, Taryn and I went to Woodstock and met my brother Rich and Katie at the market for breakfast.  

The view of the mountain behind the Market is pretty amazing.

The food on offer is incredible, and there is a palpable buzz in the atmosphere that reminds me a little of Borough Market in London.

The boys managed to find beers (I know!)
and us girls went for a stroll around the market.  I think I may have been drooling at points. I wanted to buy nearly EVERYTHING that I saw in the home wares stalls.  Had I not been limited by an already bulging suitcase and a few flights to catch before getting back to London, I would left there a whole lot poorer.

I did buy a dress to wear the Wedding later though!

Next time you are in Cape Town, you need to pop past there.

It's only open on Saturday's though-so plan ahead.

It's very trendy and popular, so try and get there as close to the 9am opening time as you can, else parking looks like it could be a bit of a nightmare any later!

Have you ever been there?
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