Why I need to get Outside More.

Wednesday, January 22

I came across an article today about a study, that says that people who spend more time in nature feel more ALIVE.

My Parents Farm in South Africa
It went on to describe that people with this greater sense of vitality or feeling 'alive' not only have more energy to do more of the great things that they want to do, but they are also more resilient to physical disease.

So being outdoors = living longer?


Im not sure about the living longer, but the feeling more 'alive', I totally get.

Being in the South African Summer, this past December - I was reminded of how much I love being outside.

My Family and extended Family who are Farmers and spend all day outdoors, will probably think this is the most ridiculous thing to write about, but I am concerned that I don't get to spend enough time being outdoors in my daily life in London.

In the summer we are often outside, and even just eating out on our little balcony brings me joy.

In the Winter however, I've even turned down social invitations to avoid entering the freezing cold outside.

Over the past few weeks, it has been very mild here, for London that is. So just boot and coat and scarf weather. Not boot and coat and gloves and hat and a freezing cold nose.

Pete and I loved our little cycle last weekend, and this past weekend we went for a short walk too.  The sun was shining on both occasions though.

And then yesterday I was watching an interview with some of the injured servicemen who just trekked to the South Pole in the freezing cold with Prince Harry and it really made me think.

I mean some of these guys are double amputees!

I need to stop blaming the British weather for my lack of time spent in nature, get some warmer clothes on and get outside...
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