Happy Friday

Friday, February 28

I have had a very happy week in general.
How has yours been?
My orchid's are blooming beautifully, I got to indulge in my new favourite crafty hobby of screen printing by making us shirts for the Photo Hunt tomorrow, and spring appears to have sprung!
Apparently today was the last day of Winter- which is AMAZING, I just can't stop staring at the blossoms on the trees!
 We had book club on Wednesday which really is one of my favouritest activities in my life.
 This morning I started a new developmental yoga group for children with special needs before going to meet with Che and Bobbi to prepare for the Photo Hunt tomorrow!

Those two make me laugh so much!

I am looking forward to seeing old and new friends there tomorrow:)

Have a super weekend friends,

Guilt. And Admin.

Wednesday, February 26

Sometimes I just can't focus on the important but boring things that I need to do.

Like invoicing and other admin for my business.  And then it eats me up and makes me feel all kinds of guilty and shameful and pathetic.

But I just can't seem to help myself. One minute I'm sat at the computer in our living room doing some dull but essential task and then whoosh, all of a sudden I'm scrolling down Facebook and my Instagram feed and throughly stalking my favourite bloggers. 

The thing is I can't even enjoy this time properly as I have the guilt and shame looming over me that I should be doing something more useful.

And thats just at the Computer.  Reading books is a WHOLE other story.  I can lose hours and hours and hours to books.  But I have managed to ban myself from week day, day time reading unless I'm on public transport.

I've read soo many books on productivity and efficiency lately, and they do help.  And in theory I know exactly what I should be doing. It's just finding the discipline to do it.

Strangely, the only time I don't seem to be flipping through a million social media sites is when I'm sat typing up blog posts.  The problem is I feel so guilty for spending time on my blog when I could/should be doing other things that may generate income in my Physio business.

But I love this blog.  
And I've mostly conquered the guilt I have about spending time on it time writing posts in the evenings or over weekends, and then publishing posts a few days later.

I think what I'm going to try and do from now on, is to just get away from this computer when I'm being unfocussed or unproductive and glazing meaninglessly and guiltily at things.

And I'm going to do some meditation to refocus. And a sun salutation or two.  Followed by a very productive half hour of admin and then a half an hour of GUILT FREE blog reading as a reward. 

Which will certainly be more productive and rewarding that the 2 hours of "admin" I've done this morning...

Do you have any other tips for me?

Hey You

Tuesday, February 25

Happy Friday and Peace

Friday, February 21

It has been half term this week for all the schools in London and so I have been a little quieter in my Physiotherapy practice than usual.  So I've been able to hang out with friends, go to museums and for lunches and dinners and coffee dates.

I've felt like I've been on a holiday in London whilst working a little at the same time, and I'm trying to work out how I can make this holiday like feeling continue?

I've also been thinking a lot this week again about how really after your health, the most important thing in the world is to have a peaceful feeling in your heart. To be completely at ease with yourself and comfortable in your skin, and how no amount of money can buy you this.

I read this quote this week, which completely summed it up again for me:

 can you bring you 
PEACE but 

Because with out peace within yourself you can never feel truly content or happy.

I feel that I have far more peace that I did a few years ago, but it is an ongoing project for me.

Fuelled by:
Being surrounded by positive and good loving people.
Healthy eating and drinking.
Feeling grateful for and experiencing the beautiful world around me.
Doing a job that I love.

And Hindered by:
The temptations of sugary and unhealthy foods.
Feeling bitter about the pain and swelling in my right arm that has started up again recently, which is as a result of where my sentinel lymph node was removed to check that the melanoma cancer hadn't spread.
The voice in my mind judging me for not being as efficient or successful or kind enough as I should be.

Like I said, ongoing project! But hopefully moving in the right direction...

Have a Lovely Peaceful Weekend friends!

5 Tips for Teaching Yoga to Kids

Monday, February 17

I now have 12 six year old girls in my Tuesday afternoon Yoga group. They are the sweetest bunch of little ladies, and although at times a little chaos reigns, I really am so fortunate to be able to share Yoga with them!

I thought I would share a few things that I have learnt in the past few months, for any other aspirational kids yoga teachers out there!

1.  Everything you are using in the class needs to be identical.  Ideally you need all the mats to be the same colour, if you are handing out stickers they all need to be exactly the same, and if you are handing out Mandala's to be coloured in, they should all be in the same pattern.

2. Ask if anyone needs to go to the toilet before the class starts.  Otherwise one announces halfway trough that she needs to go, and then half the class says they are absolutely bursting and need to go immediately too.

3.  I have had to instigate a no speaking rule, to reduce the general chatter and ongoing random statements:

"Lulu, do you know that Jessica is coming to my house later."
"Lulu did you know that once I fell over and didn't cry?"  
"Lulu you are from South Africa!"

In my class, you may only speak if you are holding the magic speaking ball.  You request this by placing both hands in the air, and waiting for the ball to be passed to you when I deem it an appropriate time to speak.  Unless of course it is an emergency.

Our ball is blue with soft tassels on, and the girls have named her Bluebell.  Bluebell has developed a wonderful personality courtesy of the girls who frequent embellish on her likes and dislikes!  In my class, if you make it to the end of the class, having only spoken accidentally once, and having not lifted up your mat edges once, you are awarded a second sticker. The first one is awarded in the relaxation.

4.  Bribery for keeping still in the deep relaxation is essential.
Although this is no longer as imperative as it was in our first few sessions, it still works a treat.  Once you are lying quietly and still, I come and place a little sticker (with the back still on) on your forehead.

Interestingly, the girls now ask me when the 'peaceful' part is going to start.  They really have come to love this part of the session. I just love watching even the most energetic little one, curl up in a ball, close her eyes and listen and relax as I talk them through a guided meditation. 

5. Praise Praise Praise.
I am constantly surprised at how these little ladies faces light up when I tell them how fabulous they are, which I always weave in at some point in the guided meditation. I also try to ignore bad behaviour where possible during the class, and praise good listening, alignment, balance and strength where ever I can.

I hoe that you found these helpful! Please let me know any tips that you have for teaching yoga to kids, or just working with groups of children in general?

I also teach two yoga groups a week for children with special needs and their carers, which are totally different to my Tuesday group...maybe I will write about these very special classes one day soon!

Valentine's Day

Friday, February 14

I know that lots of people find Valentine's Day very over commercialised and a little ridiculous, but I actually really like it.

Although I do clearly remember that heart sinking feeling at boarding school when I hadn't received any cards of admiration in the post, and all my friends had! I do however fondly recall the little handmade notes and small treats that we would give each other on Valentine's Day as expressions of our friendship love.

At University, we used to put on the most brilliant Single's Dinner Parties.  So epic, that some of our couple friends used to come and join us after they had done their obligatory dinner's out.

I remember a friend of mine saying once in early February, "I think I really like him, but does this mean that I won't get to come the Valentine's Single Dinner?"

I do also believe that every day of the year we should celebrate love blah blah blah, but I do like that midway through February each year, we are very strongly reminded by the world at large to express our love to those closest to us.

I do agree that on the day activities can get very ridiculously over priced, so I think that there can safely be a 3-4 day window of celebration.  Which is fortunate for my lovely husband, as he left the table booking a little late and so we had our FABULOUS Valentine's dinner out last night instead.

What I don't believe is that Valentine's day love sharing is only for between couples. 

And I don't believe that any of us tell those around us enough quite how fabulous and lovely we think that they are!

And so my Valentine's Day Love wishes go out to:

Pete, thanks for being the best husband and Valentine. I Love you.

My Family, I Love you guys and have wished this week more than ever that I wasn't so far away. Sending so much love to all of you.

My Friends, thanks for all your ongoing love, support and laughter.

To You, for reading this and coming to hang out in my space on the internet.

To the World, especially after reading this article that Che sent me.

Happy Valentine's Day friends!

And show some love to those closest to you:)

Cauliflower Mash

Thursday, February 13

Last weekend I finally made Cauliflower mash.

Oh my goodness, my life has been changed!

If you've been reading my blog a while, you will know how I am NO fan of the potato.  And I've ranted on here before about how potatoes don't even count as one of your five a day.  

We often make sweet potato mash (which do count as one of your 5 a day).

But back to the cauliflower mash. You need to try this!

Even Pete is sold on it.

I made this one from Eat Yourself Skinny, but didn't add the parmesan or laughing cow cheese.

And it was delicious.

Next up I'm going to try this cauliflower pizza base I think!

Have you ever tried either of these? Any other cauliflower creations that I should know of?

5 Reasons why you Should come to the next Photo Hunt

Tuesday, February 11

1. You are definitely going to:

2. It is in a:

3: With:

4: You may just:

5: You are going to be so ridiculously inspired that your brain might just:

Need I say anymore?

Ok I will, a little.

Is on the 1st of March.

Tickets go on sale SOON (like in 2 days).

There will be an early bird discount, and tickets are limited so best you sign up as soon as they are available.

Read here for a list of posts by our previous participants!

And sign up here to join our mailing list!

Ps: I just love Che's cartoons, don't you?


Monday, February 10

I was walking to my car last week when I saw the sweetest thing.

A child of about 2 or 3 years old, was walking home from the Nursery near our house.

He was wearing a little pair of red Wellington boots and a raincoat, and his Mother was pushing his buggy beside him.

As I was approaching them to pass by, he jumped into a puddle with absolute glee.

I was far enough way to not get wet, but I still anticipated that his Mother would now hurry him along and chastise him for his behaviour.

Instead she clapped her hands and laughed with clear delight as she congratulated him on the splash that he had just made.

And then promptly pointed out another puddle for him to conquer.

I paused for a moment and enjoyed how much they were enjoying themselves.

I hope that I'm a Mother like that one day.  Pointing out Puddles to be enjoyed for small moments rather than rushing along through life.

It reminded me of the picture above that I took when we were in Cape Town in December.  This gorgeous little girl was running along the beach to her Dad and squealing with excitement as she approached him.

What moments have you stopped and savoured lately?

Happy Friday

Friday, February 7

A few pictures from life lately via my iPhone.

I've been feeling a bit restless this week.  And there are a few things in my life at the moment that are weighing on me that are completely beyond my control. Which I hate.

   I haven't had as many patient treatment sessions this week as I usually do, and since I handed in my book chapter to the publishers last week, I've felt a little lost.

It's been a bit of an anti climax in someways I think...And after the relief of having handed it in, instead of feeling free, I feel like I'm now looking for my next project. Hence I've signed up for another Physio course for July and I went to visit a great Children's Charity this morning, where I will hopefully be running some Yoga Groups for Children with special needs soon.

Restlessness aside, I've had a super week of catching up with with some of my favourite people! And I'm totally in love with my new candle from Anthropologie that I bought after a stroll around the Saatchi gallery.  I could quite happily live in the Anthropologie store on the Kings Road...

Sam and Bindy are FINALLY back from Australia and so I got to hang out with Will, the coolest 9 week old ever.

My dear friend Marianne that I used to work with also joined us for lunch on Monday and she has also started her own Children's Physiotherapy Practice in Greenwich, Congratulations hun, I am so proud of you!

On Sunday, Che and I and our other halves went to Bristol to celebrate Bobbi and Ryan's Engagement! We had such a great time and I'm SO happy for the gorgeous couple! 

Che, Bobbi and I are also working on the next Photo Hunt event planning currently, which is on the 1st March in London. So diarise it now, and tickets will be available from next week.

Last night. Che and I caught up with Tom from Daydream in Blue, we met him at a blogger event in December and instantly got on fabulously with him. We had such a great evening last night, and I cam away feeling very inspired about bloggerland and life in general.  Do go and visit his blog, if you haven't already...

I hope that you have had a good week and have a fabulous weekend friends!

Do You Pee During Workouts Video

Tuesday, February 4

On Thursday I emailed my first draft for the book that I'm helping to write to the Publishers. Wow, what a relief to have it done.

I discovered this video online last week and I almost had a heart attack.

CrossFit which is the somewhat controversial fitness class that has taken the exercise industry by storm, has made this video, titled:

Do You Pee During Workouts?

It highlights and trivialises the fact that there are some Women wetting themselves during their CrossFit training sessions.

The worst part is when a Gynaecologist says on the clip that she thinks it's "OK" to be doing so.

Thankfully a number of the comments below the video highlight that is in fact NOT NORMAL.

I would also like to re iterate this, if you are having any kind of urinary incontinence during any form of exercise, you need to go and see your Doctor or Women's Health Physio ASAP.

As I repeat, IT IS NOT NORMAL, nor laughable, to be wetting yourself during any sporting (or other) activities.

Urinary Incontinence, which is usually a very embarrassing subject, negatively affects thousands of women's lives every year.  

There are some forms of exercise that can exacerbate it, particularly repetitive high intensity jumping activities.

Diane Lee, a leading Women's Health Physiotherapist in Canada, says that:

85% of Trampolinists and 60% of Gymnasts suffer with Urinary Incontinence.

It looks the incidence is pretty high in Crossfitters too...

Ladies, please remember that even if you aren't struggling with any incontinence problems, you need to be doing your Pelvic Floor Exercises Daily...

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