Do You Pee During Workouts Video

Tuesday, February 4

On Thursday I emailed my first draft for the book that I'm helping to write to the Publishers. Wow, what a relief to have it done.

I discovered this video online last week and I almost had a heart attack.

CrossFit which is the somewhat controversial fitness class that has taken the exercise industry by storm, has made this video, titled:

Do You Pee During Workouts?

It highlights and trivialises the fact that there are some Women wetting themselves during their CrossFit training sessions.

The worst part is when a Gynaecologist says on the clip that she thinks it's "OK" to be doing so.

Thankfully a number of the comments below the video highlight that is in fact NOT NORMAL.

I would also like to re iterate this, if you are having any kind of urinary incontinence during any form of exercise, you need to go and see your Doctor or Women's Health Physio ASAP.

As I repeat, IT IS NOT NORMAL, nor laughable, to be wetting yourself during any sporting (or other) activities.

Urinary Incontinence, which is usually a very embarrassing subject, negatively affects thousands of women's lives every year.  

There are some forms of exercise that can exacerbate it, particularly repetitive high intensity jumping activities.

Diane Lee, a leading Women's Health Physiotherapist in Canada, says that:

85% of Trampolinists and 60% of Gymnasts suffer with Urinary Incontinence.

It looks the incidence is pretty high in Crossfitters too...

Ladies, please remember that even if you aren't struggling with any incontinence problems, you need to be doing your Pelvic Floor Exercises Daily...

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