Guilt. And Admin.

Wednesday, February 26

Sometimes I just can't focus on the important but boring things that I need to do.

Like invoicing and other admin for my business.  And then it eats me up and makes me feel all kinds of guilty and shameful and pathetic.

But I just can't seem to help myself. One minute I'm sat at the computer in our living room doing some dull but essential task and then whoosh, all of a sudden I'm scrolling down Facebook and my Instagram feed and throughly stalking my favourite bloggers. 

The thing is I can't even enjoy this time properly as I have the guilt and shame looming over me that I should be doing something more useful.

And thats just at the Computer.  Reading books is a WHOLE other story.  I can lose hours and hours and hours to books.  But I have managed to ban myself from week day, day time reading unless I'm on public transport.

I've read soo many books on productivity and efficiency lately, and they do help.  And in theory I know exactly what I should be doing. It's just finding the discipline to do it.

Strangely, the only time I don't seem to be flipping through a million social media sites is when I'm sat typing up blog posts.  The problem is I feel so guilty for spending time on my blog when I could/should be doing other things that may generate income in my Physio business.

But I love this blog.  
And I've mostly conquered the guilt I have about spending time on it time writing posts in the evenings or over weekends, and then publishing posts a few days later.

I think what I'm going to try and do from now on, is to just get away from this computer when I'm being unfocussed or unproductive and glazing meaninglessly and guiltily at things.

And I'm going to do some meditation to refocus. And a sun salutation or two.  Followed by a very productive half hour of admin and then a half an hour of GUILT FREE blog reading as a reward. 

Which will certainly be more productive and rewarding that the 2 hours of "admin" I've done this morning...

Do you have any other tips for me?
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