Happy Friday

Friday, February 7

A few pictures from life lately via my iPhone.

I've been feeling a bit restless this week.  And there are a few things in my life at the moment that are weighing on me that are completely beyond my control. Which I hate.

   I haven't had as many patient treatment sessions this week as I usually do, and since I handed in my book chapter to the publishers last week, I've felt a little lost.

It's been a bit of an anti climax in someways I think...And after the relief of having handed it in, instead of feeling free, I feel like I'm now looking for my next project. Hence I've signed up for another Physio course for July and I went to visit a great Children's Charity this morning, where I will hopefully be running some Yoga Groups for Children with special needs soon.

Restlessness aside, I've had a super week of catching up with with some of my favourite people! And I'm totally in love with my new candle from Anthropologie that I bought after a stroll around the Saatchi gallery.  I could quite happily live in the Anthropologie store on the Kings Road...

Sam and Bindy are FINALLY back from Australia and so I got to hang out with Will, the coolest 9 week old ever.

My dear friend Marianne that I used to work with also joined us for lunch on Monday and she has also started her own Children's Physiotherapy Practice in Greenwich, Congratulations hun, I am so proud of you!

On Sunday, Che and I and our other halves went to Bristol to celebrate Bobbi and Ryan's Engagement! We had such a great time and I'm SO happy for the gorgeous couple! 

Che, Bobbi and I are also working on the next Photo Hunt event planning currently, which is on the 1st March in London. So diarise it now, and tickets will be available from next week.

Last night. Che and I caught up with Tom from Daydream in Blue, we met him at a blogger event in December and instantly got on fabulously with him. We had such a great evening last night, and I cam away feeling very inspired about bloggerland and life in general.  Do go and visit his blog, if you haven't already...

I hope that you have had a good week and have a fabulous weekend friends!

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