Happy Friday and Peace

Friday, February 21

It has been half term this week for all the schools in London and so I have been a little quieter in my Physiotherapy practice than usual.  So I've been able to hang out with friends, go to museums and for lunches and dinners and coffee dates.

I've felt like I've been on a holiday in London whilst working a little at the same time, and I'm trying to work out how I can make this holiday like feeling continue?

I've also been thinking a lot this week again about how really after your health, the most important thing in the world is to have a peaceful feeling in your heart. To be completely at ease with yourself and comfortable in your skin, and how no amount of money can buy you this.

I read this quote this week, which completely summed it up again for me:

 can you bring you 
PEACE but 

Because with out peace within yourself you can never feel truly content or happy.

I feel that I have far more peace that I did a few years ago, but it is an ongoing project for me.

Fuelled by:
Being surrounded by positive and good loving people.
Healthy eating and drinking.
Feeling grateful for and experiencing the beautiful world around me.
Doing a job that I love.

And Hindered by:
The temptations of sugary and unhealthy foods.
Feeling bitter about the pain and swelling in my right arm that has started up again recently, which is as a result of where my sentinel lymph node was removed to check that the melanoma cancer hadn't spread.
The voice in my mind judging me for not being as efficient or successful or kind enough as I should be.

Like I said, ongoing project! But hopefully moving in the right direction...

Have a Lovely Peaceful Weekend friends!
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