Monday, February 10

I was walking to my car last week when I saw the sweetest thing.

A child of about 2 or 3 years old, was walking home from the Nursery near our house.

He was wearing a little pair of red Wellington boots and a raincoat, and his Mother was pushing his buggy beside him.

As I was approaching them to pass by, he jumped into a puddle with absolute glee.

I was far enough way to not get wet, but I still anticipated that his Mother would now hurry him along and chastise him for his behaviour.

Instead she clapped her hands and laughed with clear delight as she congratulated him on the splash that he had just made.

And then promptly pointed out another puddle for him to conquer.

I paused for a moment and enjoyed how much they were enjoying themselves.

I hope that I'm a Mother like that one day.  Pointing out Puddles to be enjoyed for small moments rather than rushing along through life.

It reminded me of the picture above that I took when we were in Cape Town in December.  This gorgeous little girl was running along the beach to her Dad and squealing with excitement as she approached him.

What moments have you stopped and savoured lately?
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