Valentine's Day

Friday, February 14

I know that lots of people find Valentine's Day very over commercialised and a little ridiculous, but I actually really like it.

Although I do clearly remember that heart sinking feeling at boarding school when I hadn't received any cards of admiration in the post, and all my friends had! I do however fondly recall the little handmade notes and small treats that we would give each other on Valentine's Day as expressions of our friendship love.

At University, we used to put on the most brilliant Single's Dinner Parties.  So epic, that some of our couple friends used to come and join us after they had done their obligatory dinner's out.

I remember a friend of mine saying once in early February, "I think I really like him, but does this mean that I won't get to come the Valentine's Single Dinner?"

I do also believe that every day of the year we should celebrate love blah blah blah, but I do like that midway through February each year, we are very strongly reminded by the world at large to express our love to those closest to us.

I do agree that on the day activities can get very ridiculously over priced, so I think that there can safely be a 3-4 day window of celebration.  Which is fortunate for my lovely husband, as he left the table booking a little late and so we had our FABULOUS Valentine's dinner out last night instead.

What I don't believe is that Valentine's day love sharing is only for between couples. 

And I don't believe that any of us tell those around us enough quite how fabulous and lovely we think that they are!

And so my Valentine's Day Love wishes go out to:

Pete, thanks for being the best husband and Valentine. I Love you.

My Family, I Love you guys and have wished this week more than ever that I wasn't so far away. Sending so much love to all of you.

My Friends, thanks for all your ongoing love, support and laughter.

To You, for reading this and coming to hang out in my space on the internet.

To the World, especially after reading this article that Che sent me.

Happy Valentine's Day friends!

And show some love to those closest to you:)
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