40 Days on My Yoga Mat Challenge

Wednesday, March 5

For the past few years I have given up chocolate for Lent.  And I plan to do it again this year, although the struggle that I have with maintaing 40 days chocolate free often concerns me.  

I also like the idea of taking up a positive habit during this set time frame.  And with the general consensus being that it takes 21 days to make a task into a habit, after 40 days, you should be well on your way there.

Whilst nearly every day I make time do at least a short meditation, I don't always manage to do any asana (posture)  or pranayama (breathing) practice.  A yoga teacher advised me once, to just sit on my mat at home every day for 10 minutes.  "Just sit or lie there." she said.  Of course once you are on the mat, you end up doing more than just that!

And so, for the next 40 days, I will spend at least 10 minutes every single day on my Yoga Mat.  In a mixture of meditation, breathing and posture practices.

And I'm Challenging three of my South African blogger Yoga Loving friends to join me.

 Che from Indieberries, Katie from Eye Heart Travel and Keri from Midlands Musings to join me for the next 40 days. Are you up for it girls?

Lets make the  #40daysonmyyogamat

and check in via Instagram or Twitter every Friday?

Would you like to join us too?
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