5 things I've learnt 20 days into my Yoga Challenge

Monday, March 24

I'm halfway through my 40 days of yoga challenge today, and I've learnt a number of things in the process.

1. I have SO much respect for the Yogi's on Instagram that post daily pictures of themselves looking artistic and pretty in their poses. Any dreams I may have had about being as fabulous as Yoga girl or Kinoyoga or Lauraskyora have been very much dashed.

2. I am very seldom near as aligned as I think I am in a pose.

3.  Posting a daily picture on Instagram has made me far more accountable in this challenge than I may have been if I didn't put up a picture daily.

4. I have a VERY patient photo taking husband.

5.  I can't believe how great I have felt in the past three weeks whilst doing this.  I am more focussed and organised and feel more calm in general. I am also delighted by the people who have been inspired to begin their own home yoga practice routine through my little challenge!
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