Flower Crowns and why I LOVE my job

Friday, March 21

I so enjoyed joining Michelle from My Creative and Bethan from Decorator's Notebook on Instagram yesterday, making a flower crown for their Primavera crowns challenge!

Whilst mine was in no way as intricate or impressive as some of the others I saw on Instagram with primaveracrowns hashtag, it made me so happy.

And it brought back such happy childhood memories of making crowns from the branches of the willow tree down at to the stream on my parents farm, and then adding flowers from my Mum's garden.

I think it should be compulsory for everyone to make a pretty flower crown this week:)

My weekend couldn't have started any better today.  

This morning was my 4th yoga session with twin boys with special needs, and they have progressed so well! 

In our first session, neither of them would even remove their coats or shoes, and refused to get within a few metres of their yoga mats.  For session two, the one little boy initially refused to get out of the car to come inside and wanted nothing to do the session.

 Last week was better, and they engaged in about half of the session, preferring to run around and around and around in circles in the room.  

This morning, the little one who refused to get out of the car previously, put his coat and shoes on by himself and waited at the door whilst his Mother was still eating breakfast, announcing that he "was ready to go to Yoga!"

They both managed to stay on their mats for the entire 40 minutes today and tried so incredibly hard.  They remembered most of the poses that we did last week and even did some of the deep breathing exercises.  When it came to the relaxation, they both lay down completely still and lay transfixed as I talked them through a guided meditation where they were the lead characters!

I am constantly astounded at the incredible impact that Yoga can have on children with special needs.

And I am so incredibly lucky to do the job that I do!

Have a super weekend friends <3
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