The South Bank Photo Hunt

Monday, March 3

On Saturday we held our second Photo Hunt event, this time on the South Bank.

Whilst it was freezing cold, we were fortunate to have more sunshine than we have had in weeks, and some blue sky too!

This time, we had a combination of creative and location based tasks, with some very cryptic clues, which then lead teams to a letter.  When unscrambled, the letters spelt a phrase.

Once again, the event attracted the most wonderful bunch of human beings.  Creative, friendly and interesting girls (and boys) who embraced the whole adventure and made new friends!

A number of people had been to our previous event, and so it was wonderful to see them again, and we also got to meet some fabulous new people!

Thanks so much to all of you who came.

Yay for new internet turned real life mates!

And Che and Bobbi, thanks for making all the planning and execution so much fun! 

We will be announcing the date of our next event soon! 

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