What is "Enough"?

Wednesday, March 12

Last week, one of my extremely wealthy patients, sighed and said to me, "Lulu, sometimes I think life would be so much easier if I just had Enough."

She moved her arm in a circular motion as to encompass the mansion around her, her two housekeepers and bodyguards downstairs, and continued, "not all this, just enough."

And as I walked down her driveway past her two luxury cars and an overflowing recycling box of designer clothing shopping carriers, it struck me that this world of ours really is very upside down.

What is enough?  For a homeless person, enough is perhaps shelter and warmth.  For the starved, a meal, and for the dying another day with loved ones.

And for the rest of us, privileged enough to have a device on which to read this?

After pondering about this for the past week,

I think that 'enough' is being able to appreciate and be grateful for what we already have, rather than always postponing happiness for one day when we have more.

This video has made me think so much. This lady discusses how doing a year long Gratitide project improved her marriage and her life as she began to reflect on what she already had to be grateful for.

What do you think having "enough" is?
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