An Evening Walk

Tuesday, April 29

An evening walk with your Parents, baby sister (or not so baby anymore) and three of the dogs on your family farm is good for your soul.  

Clambering up hay bales and jumping up and down, as you used to when you were a child, is good for your well being too.

I think that most of you know how much I love going home to my Parents farm in South Africa where I grew up.  

I haven't been back in the early Autumn for a few years now, and it was strange to see the maize so tall, hundreds of freshly made hay bales and the grass in fields turning to it's winter shades of yellowy brown.

The evenings after we took these pictures it were so much cooler that we lit the fire in the living room.

I think that growing up in a beautiful place can make you take the natural beauty around you for granted.  Seriously, has the afternoon light and the gigantic sky always been so abundant at home? Or is it the draw of Africa inside of me that has given me new appreciation for how much beauty extends in the place where my Family and so many of my dearest friends reside?

Editing and going through these pictures after my first full day back in London, at the end of a day where everything seems to have gone horribly wrong, is good for my soul too.

I hope that you have had a better day than mine?

South African friends in London, will I see you at South Africa House early tomorrow morning to vote in the South African elections?
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