Tuesday, April 8

Something that I've never shared here on before is my Yogi name, which is Anamaya.

A number of times, I planned to write about it, but then the thought of how to try and explain how and why my teacher Padma bestowed all of us (who didn't already have a Yogi name), with a new name at the end of our teacher training, overwhelmed me.

Perhaps one day I will find the words to more eloquently explain the meaning behind this, but for now, my Yogi name is Anamaya and this is the name by which I am referred to in the Yoga world.  I love it, and it means 'the troubleless' and 'untroubled by past illnesses or sorrows', which I find very fitting and pertinent.

Yesterday, Padma emailed me with a link to the Anamaya Yoga retreat venue in Costa Rica,  saying that she had seen it and thought of me.  It looks wonderful, and I have spent far too much time today dreaming about how to get myself over there.

And then I was just scrolling through this month's online Om Yoga magazine and saw two articles about retreats in the UK.

Seriously I think the Universe is trying to tell me something here!

Yeotown is in Devon and offers health and detox stays.  They stress on their website that they are not a boot camp or fat camp or weight loss spa, and that any weight loss will come from healthy eating and exercising.  The setting looks idyllic and I love that they are sustainably minded too.  The accommodation, food and natural setting looks AMAZING. At £1780 for the 5 day stay - I need to start saving, ASAP.

The second place that is leaping up at me from my iPad screen is the Inner Guidance Retreat Centre in Suffolk.  Oh my goodness guys, how INCREDIBLE does this Yoga and Chocolate retreat look??     Meditation, yoga and chocolate making classes in an idyllic setting - YES please!  And at £350 per person for one of the cheaper rooms it's more attainable budget wise too!

I definitely need to chat Pete about these when he gets home from work today...

Have you ever been on a Yoga retreat?

Disclaimer: The kind people at Om Yoga Magazine, have given me a free online subscription in return for me occasionally sharing articles in the magazine on Berry Diaries. Considering that I buy the magazine every month anyway, I was delighted to be asked, and I hope that you enjoy hearing about the online Om Yoga magazine on here too! I am not receiving any compensation from Yeotown or Inner Guidance by writing about them here either!

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