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Wednesday, April 2

I feel like I am holiday!

The sun is shining and we have guests staying with us from South Africa, so I'm playing tourist too.  Last night we went to watch Matilda in the West End, WOW, we absolutely loved it!

I would highly recommend it for any adults or children who loved Roald Dahl's book.

On Friday afternoon, I went to my first ever class at the Sivananda Centre in Putney, and it was wonderful.  The building is gorgeous and our teacher was fantastic, you should really try it out of you live nearby. Again I was fascinated by some of the ladies in the class who were probably 20 years older than me doing advanced postures!  And this wasn't even and advanced class - it was the intermediate! It totally reinforced what I said here.  I then got home and tried to do the transition (from headstand to scorpion) that had really impressed me and landed in a big heap against the sofa...

But I will persevere!   

I hope that you are having  super week so far, I have a big day of patients ahead of me so no touristing today!
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