My 40 Days of Yoga Challenge is Done!

Monday, April 14

Wow, my challenge to spend at least 10 minutes on my Yoga mat for 40 days in a row is done!

And Well Done and thank you to the girls who did it with me.

 I hope that I have succeeded in creating a life long habit of doing Yoga every day at home, on top of going to regular classes.

I have mostly loved doing this everyday, although some days I wished I wasn't doing it, were far more difficult to motivate myself than others.  If it wasn't for me posting on Instagram keeping me accountable to myself, I really don't think I would have done it every single day.

And thanks also so much to my Lovely Instagram friends for bearing with all the pictures!

As I type this I am sitting in beautiful Cape Town, Jubes and I went for a run along the promenade this morning, with the sea to our right and the mountains to our left- it was pretty perfect. I love this city!

 And now, Nikki has been whisked off by her cousins whilst we are about to set up for her bachelorette tea party this afternoon.

The weather has been so much better recently than we were expecting and we are keeping fingers crossed for good weather on Thursday- which is looking good so far!

How incredible was this sunset yesterday? 

The view from Doug and Jen's apartment (Nikki's Mum and Dad)  is amazing, and they are just fabulous!

Have a Happy Monday friends! 
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