My Little Nik is getting Hitched

Friday, April 11

So tomorrow I fly to South Africa for this gorgeous girl's Wedding.

My bridesmaid dress is packed and I can't wait to see my Nik marry her incredible man, Trav.

If you missed their amazing proposal video- have a look here!
The only devastating not so cool thing about their wedding is that afterwards, they are moving to Trav's home country in the US of A.
Nik and I moved to London together 7 years ago and she is one of my favourite human beings in the world.

We did our yoga teacher training together last year, and she is also ridiculously passionate about yoga and yoga for children with special needs particularly. 

Nik I'm so excited for you, and I know that even though you are leaving me in London (sob) it is the right thing for you.
Wow but am I going to miss you.  I was thinking the other day about how many of my biggest passions (other than yoga) in life are also yours.

You adore reading, and you absolutely love treating children in your work as an occupational therapist, you love wondering around art galleries and being a tourist in London, travelling, run your own business and love healthy food.

But what I am going to miss most, is how honest and true to yourself and your friends you always are.  I know that whatever you say (even if it's not what I want to hear) is absolutely spoken from your heart.  I'm going to miss  your always cheerful face and how if I throw an idea for a little adventure out (no matter how obscure), your reach for your phone and make us diarise it immediately.  I'm going to miss how you prioritise catching up with me, how you are my NUMBER 1 fan of my blog, and how excited you get for girl time and weekends away.

  And wow am I going to miss your incredible cooking!

I love you my friend and I'm looking forward to visiting you in California!

Trav, you have the best girl.  And you deserve to.

Two sleeps til I see you in Cape Town, and six sleeps til you are a MRS <3

See you on Sunday!
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