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Monday, May 19

I LOVE Reading Blogs. And through this space of mine on the Internet I have made some incredible real life friends.  The evening before I flew back to South Africa in April, I got to have dinner with five of my favourite blogger ladies. We had such a wonderful evening together - I just wish I had taken some photo's! 

  Not only do I love reading about their lives online, but I can tell you that these are 5 incredibly special girls in real life too!

And so let me introduce them to you:

Wow but can this girl take a photo! I love every image from her blog - but this post of her workspace at home is one of my favourite, mainly because I am so nosy as to what other people's homes look like!

Freya from Nishaantishu

Other than Che, I've known the lovely Freya the longest of these blogger ladies, and it was through her that I met Michelle, Catherine and Jo! I am fascinated by the fact that she is from Bermuda originally and that she is getting married there at her Grandfather's home later this year! Freya also takes incredible photo's and these ones from her recent work trip are some of my favourites!   

Catherine from Sprunting

Catherine I met at one of Michelle's Eat n Snap workshops last year, and she is definitely the first person that I have met who lives in London and has a pet rabbit!  I just adore this idea that she had for her brothers Birthday.  Hint hint to my friends and family?   

Michelle from My Creative

It is thanks to Michelle that I took the giant leap from the automatic function on my camera after attending her Eat n Snap workshop with Freya last summer.  A fellow South African, she now lives in  Italy, but we get to see her again in a few weeks before Wedding! Other than taking the MOST incredible photo's, she writes thought provoking articles and I thought that this one was brilliant.

Che from Indieberries

Picture by Casey Pratt
Che and I were at school together in South Africa, although only really got to know each other well recently in London.  I adore her blog and not only is she one of the kindest and most thoughtful human beings that I know, but she draws the most hilarious cartoons, tells the best stories about her life, makes amazing Wedding guest books and is an aspiring Yogi! 

Happy Blog Reading my friends!

What are your favourite blogs?
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