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Thursday, May 1

My recent 40 days of Yoga Challenge, was indeed a Challenge. There were a number of times that I desperately wanted to go to bed and instead had to roll out my mat and do my 10 minutes of Yoga.  I am so pleased that I completed it though, as I feel that I really have established a life long daily yoga habit.

I got back from South Africa on Monday after a wonderful two week break and whilst I was there, I only wrote two blog posts.  This was due to the obvious reason of being on holiday, but also temperamental wifi access and only having my iPad and not my laptop with me.  I just haven't managed to master blogging on an iPad.   

I find that with this space of mine on the internet, the more frequently that I write, the more that I want to write, and the happier I am as a result.  Having and making the time to write blog posts also usually means that I am in a good space in my life, as I am inspired and feel that I have things that I want to share, and it also means that I am not so crazy busy that I don't have a moment to sit down and record my thoughts.  It additionally signifies that I have managed to silence the guilty voices in my head that tell me I am wasting time writing words and editing pictures to put on the internet when I should be spending time doing admin for my business or cleaning the house.

Anyway, I think what I am getting at here, is that I am currently feeling that I want and need to dedicate more time to regular writing again.  And so because I am crazy love a challenge, I am going to dive head first into taking part in a 'blog every day in May' challenge.  And after some twitter hashtag stalking, I've decided to follow Love Happy Daily's post prompts.  I'm also hoping that my favourite real life friend from bloggerland with her fabulous new website is going to do it too :)

And so I will begin.

Today's Prompt, is Goal Setting.

Which is very apt for how I am going to negotiate posting a new blogpost every day this month.

My 5 Goals this Month:

1. Make dedicated GUILT FREE blogging time in my diary.

2. Be so up to date with any business admin that I need to do, that the guilt free time mentioned above  is indeed guilt free.

3. Plan and write posts ahead of time so that I am not panic writing and posting rubbishy posts late at night.

4.  Spend less mindless time on the Internet.

5.  Improve my vocabulary and writing, and to take pleasure in the art of stringing words together.

Is anyone else planning on doing this challenge? 

I would love to follow you along if you are!
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