A Funny Story

Wednesday, May 14

Today I'm supposed to tell you a funny story.

Unfortunately, I have a cold and I'm not feeling too hilarious right now.

This photo makes me laugh though! We were all posing so nicely when my cousin's dog decided he wanted in on the photo too!

I will tell you a story that two of the children that I treat think is absolutely hilarious, and request that I retell it to them at most of our sessions.

In South Africa, we call trousers, 'pants'.

And in the UK, 'pants' are your underwear.

When I first arrived in the UK, I was unaware of this very important difference.

As a Physiotherapist, there are often occasions where we need to ask patients to remove their trousers for a treatment or an assessment.

I unfortunately asked an unsuspecting gentleman to remove his 'pants' and I was horrified when I turned around!

Not a pleasant surprise!

The two children who love this story have taken it upon themselves to remind me weekly that British people call pants 'Trousers!' and often ask if it has happened again :)

In other news today, my 15 year old little sitter has started her own blog!

I am so proud of her.

I love the post that she put up today - oh my goodness she was is the CUTEST kid ever!

Pop over to Tess Unplugged and have a look!

And I loved my little Yogi friend Indieberries' post today too!

I hope that you are having a super week so far <3

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