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Monday, May 26

Whilst initially I really enjoyed the Blog Every Day in May challenge that I was doing, the past few prompts have really failed to inspire me.  I had a few half hearted attempts at writing something about them, but I completely bored myself and so I can't imagine how boring they would be to read!

So I may dip into them again in a few days, but today I though I would share a few photo's from the past week of my life. Which I accept may be a little boring too! 

My brother Rich works on a super yacht, which has been in London for the past week and so it has been great spending time with him!

Last Sunday we spent the day at the Daylesford Organic farm for my friend Lulu's baby shower.  We had such a wonderful day! It is definitely one of my favourite places EVER and I recommended it on Catherine's blog Sprunting this week in her Three Things Friday series this week too.

I have loved hanging out with my 6 month old BFF Will this week! He is the smiliest and giggliest baby ever.  I am not broody at all.

Pip decided it was time for her best friend Rufus to have a drink of his water and he obliged. How Adorable! 

On Saturday we met up with Rich, Bindy, Sam and Will for lunch and a rather rainy walk around Borough market.

If I wasn't a Physio, I think I would be a florist.

Yesterday we went to Noodlez, Simon and Nicole's house for a BBQ. 

It was a little chilly but sunny enough to sit outside for most of the afternoon.  Nix works for Google and has a pair of the new Google Glasses, which I had never seen before.   You can actually follow her Instagram account here to see more about them!

I was in charge of dessert and made a slightly naughty but delicious dessert of Eton Mess.  I mixed half plain yoghurt and half cream to make it a little healthier than it would have been with just cream! And the strawberries and blueberries certainly contributed to it's healthiness.

Thanks if you are still reading this and I hope that you your past week as has been as happy and lovely as mine has!

PS these photo's are mixture of iPhone and SLR, so apologies for the reduced quality of some of them :)
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