My HQ at Home

Wednesday, May 7

Today's prompt is 'Where are you writing from today?'

And so the above is a picture of my desk in our lounge, where I spend a fair amount of time during the week.  I do all my Physiotherapy business treatment record keeping here as well as invoicing and dealing with web enquiries.  I also write my blog posts here and spend far too much time on the internet seated right here!

An introduction to my space:

1. We invested in a monitor and a keyboard after I started my own business as I was struggling with looking down at the macbook for hours on end.  It really has saved my posture!

2. This box hides a multitude of mess, as well as stationery.  On top of it, you can see my filofax where I keep track of my upcoming appointments and a notebook for writing down important things.

3.  The joys of a small London flat, mean that my pretty candle holders live on top of my bookshelf until they are treated to an outing to our little dining table which is just behind where I sit.

4.  I found this bicycle gift wrapping paper for a £1 a few months ago and loved it it so much I have framed it and placed it above my desk. 

5.  I LOVE this wooden frame.  My Dad made me a matching pair of them two years ago, from old floor boards that had been lifted in an old house on one of his farms.  The house was originally built over a hundred years ago, and apparently had originally come over as a wooden 'kit house' from England! I love that that the wood has returned back to where it originated from, in the form of my picture frames.

I am so nosy, I love seeing other people's homes! I hope you have enjoyed seeing a little bit of my workspace :)

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