Small is Beautiful

Friday, May 16

I read the most wonderful article in this month's Om Yoga magazine about celebrating the small things in life. 

It discussed how: Life can be big and heavy and crazy, but if you are willing to enjoy small pleasures and find love in the little things, you can create time and space to slow down and smile.

And it made me think about some of the small things in my life that bring me great joy.

1.  Gift wrapping with love and care.  

2. When Pete brings me coffee in bed.

3.  The thrill of reading the first page of a new book, and knowing I'm entering a whole new world in my mind.

4.  Cuddles with friends precious new babies.

5. The moment that I get a high five from a child who I am treating as I praise them for their good work and their little faces beam back at me in return.

6. Being lent a book or receiving a link to an article that someone is sure I would enjoy.

7. Laughing and reliving ridiculous stories with friends.

8. The peace and calm in my mind after a yoga class.

9. When someone contacts me to say that they have just discovered the amazingness that is Yoga and that they too are now hooked.

10.  Every bit of interaction that I get from anyone who reads this space of mine on the internet.

What are your small but beautiful moments?

Have a Happy Friday friends!

Disclaimer: The kind people at Om Yoga Magazine, have given me a free online subscription in return for me occasionally sharing articles in the magazine on Berry Diaries. Considering that I buy the magazine every month anyway, I was delighted to be asked, and I hope that you enjoy hearing about the online Om Yoga magazine on here too!
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