The Moss Letter Company Photo Shoot

Sunday, May 11

A few weeks ago, I was having breakfast with my lovely friend Che, when Jodie from the Moss Letter company emailed her and asked if Che and Warren would be models in a Photo Shoot with her gorgeous moss letters.

Che and Warren were going to be in South Africa on the day of the proposed shoot, and so Che said that Jodie should ask me.

Jodie emailed me with her proposal: Staying the night in the hotel that she used to run in the Cotswolds, my hair and make up being done and the link to a Pinterest mood board for the shoot.

Needless to say -  I was SOLD on the idea.

Pete on the other hand, was not.

After lots of begging, some persuasion, he kindly agreed to be in the shoot with me.

And I am so delighted that he did! We had so much fun and the entire team involved in the shoot could not have been more FABULOUS.

We had some extreme weather: including rain, hail, sunshine, some arctic winds (seriously I thought I was going to be blown off of that branch), and it was SO cold at times, but we also laughed so much!

I adore the moss letters that Jodie sells and it's no wonder that so many people are buying them to use as decor for their Weddings and Events.

If you are getting Married soon, you need these Moss Letters at your Wedding.

And if you are getting Married in the UK, you need Craig Dearsley as your photographer - he is awesome!

The Team
Jodie Bond – Shoot stylist and moss letters
Craig Dearsley – Photographer
Veronica Dearsley – Second shooter
Tattie Rose and Hayley Rumble– Florist
Maria Evangelou Ward – Cakes
Jules Cardozo-Marsh – Make-up
Helen Rose – Hair
Jackie Beddall – Bunting
Melanie and Rob Gruihn – Table decorations
Suzie Goodman – Car
Cara Wagstaff of Cocoa Couture – Dress

Thank you so so much Jodie for having us, and to the rest of the team for  a wonderful day!

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