What's in your Cup?

Friday, May 2

Pete gets up and showers earlier than me on the mornings (unless I'm going to the gym).  He then makes me a cup of coffee and brings it to me while I'm still in bed.  I slowly sit up and ponder the day whilst I drink it.  Since we relegated our phones from the bedroom a few months ago and have gone back to the old fashioned alarm clock, my coffee drinking time is my own quiet time before my day begins. I then get up and go through to join Pete in the kitchen and make us smoothies for breakfast.

I love starting my day like this.  Coffee in bed feels like an indulgent treat for me.  Pete however says he doesn't really get it, and would rather get up and have is in the living room if I ever offer to bring him some in bed!

Whenever I go home to my Parents farm, my Mum or Dad will bring me a cup of tea or coffee in bed in the early the morning too. And then either or both of them will sit and chat to me before my Dad heads out to work. I'm not sure that this would be a daily occurrence if I lived there permanently though!

My Love language is definitely acts of service, and to me, being brought a cup of tea or coffee in bed: represents a whole lot of love...

Do you agree?
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