Who Inspires You?

Tuesday, May 20

Photo taken by Tess from Tess Unplugged

I am inspired by:

People who are at peace with themselves and who take true delight in others peoples success and good fortune.

People who run charities or support good causes that benefit others hugely but have little or no financial rewards for themselves.

People who get up early every day to exercise or meditate or work on a project that they wouldn't usually have time to.

People who are disciplined with looking after their health and well being and who prioritise the importance of caring for the body that they reside in.

Entrepreneurs and anyone who takes the giant leap to start their own business.

Anyone who has had a business fail and has been brave enough to try again.

Artists, creatives and writers who think up great and beautiful things and are unfussed by how society expects them to behave to be 'normal'.

Mothers. Especially my own, who is the proverbial rock of our family who everyone depends on for practical and emotional matters. Her support is unwavering and she is definitely the strongest person that I know.

Teachers. The great ones that have the ability instil in a child the belief that they are wonderful and the confidence that they can be anything that they dream to.

Parents of children with special needs. Parenting is already the toughest job in the world, and I am constantly amazed by the strength and resilience of the parents of the children that I treat.

People who are open minded and non judgemental of others, especially if their own upbringing didn't promote this.

People who are true to their own morals and values no matter what the situation.

People who are interested in others.

People who make every effort to be positive when they have every reason to be negative.
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