Monday, June 23

As you can see from the pictures above, Pete and I went to Bordeaux for a very quick visit this weekend!

We had a lovely time and great weather too.

I was so busy with work last week, which is why this spec of mine on the internet has been sorely neglected. I've also really missed reading my favourite blogs!

Hopefully life is back to normal this week.

I hope that you had a super weekend too :)

5 Ways to Make Anything Easier

Thursday, June 12

I read an article in this month's Om Yoga magazine that really hit home.  

I have had two ideas rattling around in my head for the past few weeks. And I really want to give them a go.

  But I am terrified.  I have moments in the day that where I ask myself why on earth I would want to  take myself out of my comfort zone to even attempt either of these ventures, and other moments where I know that I should take the leap as the businesses would benefit others too.

And then I stumbled on Courtney Carver's article in the Om Yoga magazine titled:

Go for it : 5 ways to make anything easier.

She advises:

1. Start Sooner.

The more thinking you do, the more time you have to identify all the reasons not to move forward.

I read something else the other day too that said "The most successful projects arise from having a good idea and not quite enough time." Too true. Procrastination is not helping me here.

2.  Fake it.

You don't have to know everything to get started.  When you stop being afraid of making mistakes, everything is easier.

3. Ask for help.
There is someone out there who can help you start the thing you think is hard.  Connect with them.  Ask them for help. If they don't want to help you, ask someone else.

4. Don't measure success on the end result.
Your new habit, idea or project does not live or die based on the final result.

I'm not sure I quite understand what she means here.  But I'm going to interpret it as, even if I the final result isn't what I dream or envision, what I learn in the process will be beneficial in itself.

5. Let go.
Let go of your need to have everything just right and forget about how a similar journey as for someone else.  You are not them. You are you and who you are and what you do. have or desire cannot be compared.

Ok, enough procrastination, I'm off to put my business plans in place.
Do you have any tips to add?

Disclaimer: The kind people at Om Yoga Magazine, have given me a free online subscription in return for me occasionally sharing articles in the magazine on Berry Diaries. Considering that I buy the magazine every month anyway, I was delighted to be asked, and I hope that you enjoy hearing about the online Om Yoga magazine on here too!

10 Things I LOVED about Colourfest 2014

Monday, June 9

Oh my Goodness, 

We had the BEST weekend at Colourfest this weekend! I have been going on about it non stop to Pete since I got home last night.  You can see lots of what we got up to in the pictures above but here is a list of 10 of my favourite things about the weekend.

1. That the weather cleared up 30 minutes after we arrived.  It poured with rain the whole drive down to Dorset, and then the sun shone beautifully for the rest of the weekend!

2. Spending the weekend with Che and Robs and laughing a lot about how cosy we were in our little tent!

3. The Acroyoga workshop, as you can see in the picture above, Che and I are hooked. So much fun.

3. Eating three meals a day on my yoga mat in the sunshine.

4. How incredibly delicious all the vegetarian food was all weekend.

5. Spending time with some of my favourite yogi's who did my Yoga teacher training with me last year!

6. Amapremma's sound bath gong deep relaxation sessions.

7.  Sadhu's workshop yesterday on "Touching Heart Space." Wow wow wow, as Robs said afterwards "I want to walk through a tunnel of love everyday."

8.  Being outdoors in nature for the weekend.  Seriously good for the soul.

9.  Watching people totally lose themselves in the headline event on Saturday night, where most people were dressed all in white and everyone was moving, dancing and engaging with absolute joy.  The festival is alcohol free and very family friendly, and it is wonderful to see children and adults of all ages dancing and laughing together.

10.  I loved how there were such a variety of people there and how absolutely anything goes.  The incredible thing about the yogi world is how anyone and everyone is able to form a part of the most unpretentious and warm and engaging community.

Well Done and thank you to the organisers, we will be back next year for the entire weekend! 

Happy Friday and a Book You Need to Read

Friday, June 6

Oh my goodness, I finished The Goldfinch by Donna Tart last night and it was BRILLIANT! I have been so engrossed in it this week that I have thought of little else in my spare time and I've been reading until waaay to late every night! I feel like Theo the main character has been in my mind constantly, and I have imagined his wayward friend Boris so clearly that I am worried that if they make a movie I will be disappointed if the character cast isn't identical to the one in my head.

You need to read this book!

It is seriously heavy and thick though, so I would recommend downloading it on your kindle (or buying the paperback) perhaps if you need to read whilst commuting.

Tomorrow Che, Robs and I head to Colourfest for 2 days of Yoga workshops and the challenge of  the three of us being able to put up and take down our new tent!

I am so excited and the program looks so brilliant that I am concerned that I'm not going to be able to go to everything that I want to.

I do have soem concerns regarding the severe weather warnings for tomorrow evening and the 95% chance of rain. Oh my goodness, I hope we are not washed away in our tent. The six year old boy I treated this afternoon has strongly advised me that we all sleep in my car rather!

I hope that you have a lovely weekend:)

The Internet versus Real Life

Tuesday, June 3

I have this ongoing dilemma in my mind.  I sometimes fear that I spend too much time online and don't live enough in the real world.  I wonder what the point is of reading blogs and liking photo's and favoriting tweets of people I will never meet and engage with in real life?

Sometimes my head just wants to explode as I just fill it with soooooo much mindless rubbish.

That said, I have met some VERY cool people through the Internet and hanging out with them in real life makes my heart very happy.  Like on Friday I had dinner with Catherine, Michelle and Jo and it was SUCH a wonderful evening!  

I recently read The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and also went to a seminar by Jordan Belfort last week, who is the infamous Wolf of Wall Street. Reading the book and listening to Jordan's talk have both made me think an incredible lot about where I am in my life, where I want to go business wise, and how I'm going to get there.

Consequently I have become more efficient on my business admin front (about time!) and I am also spending less mindless time on the internet in general (thank goodness!). 

I would say I'm all the more happier for it at the moment.

So apologies for the lack of blogging right now, I'm sure I will be back with more gusto soon. 

Until then I'm off trying to work out a happy medium.
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