A Weekend in the Countryside

Tuesday, July 1

Our friends Anna and Ben have gave up the bright lights of London just over two years ago, for a quieter lifestyle in a small little village near Bath.

This weekend, while Pete was in Amsterdam for an old school friend's Birthday, Karen and I went to visit Ben and Annie. 

Anna, Karen and I used to work together at the Hospital where I worked before starting my own Physio practice.  It was so wonderful to have a proper catch up with the two of them and we reminisced lots over many happy and (some sad) memories of the children that we treated there together.

It rained on and off on Saturday as we explored the nearby town on Frome, but Sunday was lovely and sunny as Anna lead us on a walk through the countryside before we stopped for a well earned soft drink at the Village Pub. 

Only in a small village does the telephone booth double as a book swapping point. Where you leave any old books and help yourself to any there that appeal to you!

Other than some horrendous traffic as we got back to London, it was a pretty perfect weekend!

This was my 4th weekend away in a row, so I am looking forward to some time at home this weekend and perhaps even some time to spend on my blog?

My business is also slowly winding for the school summer holidays so I will be back in full force soon I'm sure :)

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend too!

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