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Thursday, July 31

Last week I attended the "Curry's Intro to Juicing" event for bloggers, hosted by Shaun and his lovely team at Greenlight Digital

It was SO much fun!

Curry's were showcasing the Phillip's juicer, and they had a number of them set up. There was also a big table of fruit and veg for us to create our own juices from!

Before making our juices, we had a talk by Derry Temple from Urban Kings Gym, where he discussed the nutritional benefits and downfalls of juicing.

Derry reminded us of the benefits of juicing which include 
Increased Energy Levels
Strengthening of the Immune System

And warned us against juicing with too much fruit.  
He explained that when our livers are exposed to high levels of fructose sugars from fruit without their fibre (in juicing the fibre is discarded in the pulp), then the liver can turn the fructose into fat.

Whereas if you are keeping the fibre in the fruit juice drink, like in a smoothie, then your liver is less likely to turn the fructose into fat.

So as a general rule of thumb, I've concluded that if you are making a 'juice' with lots of fruit, then it's preferable to rather make a smoothie in your blender so as to retain the fibre in the pulp. If you are juicing, then rather juice more vegetables than fruit so that you are getting lower fructose levels in your drink.

After we had made our delicious juices (Siobhan and I put carrot, celery, apple, ginger and lime in ours), it was work out time.

Derry took us downstairs to the Urban Kings Gym and within 30 minutes had created a very very sweaty and exhausted group of bloggers through a circuit training race between two teams.

It was tiring but really enjoyable! And it's amazing how quickly you can force yourself to do a set number of squats, burpees, push ups or jumps when your entire teams's performance is at stake! 

I've said it before, but I just adore Blogger girls!

I finally met Ibbs, whose blog I have read for ages and loved meeting Emily!  
Hanging out with Siobhan, Nicole and Che was wonderful as always.

The super evening was followed by the great news that the kind people at Curry's and Phillips are apparently giving each us of that attended a 2 in 1 Phillips blender! I'm yet to receive mine but will let you know when I do:)

THANK YOU to Curry's and the great Joe's Bloggers team at Greenlight Digital!
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