My Lovely Day

Tuesday, July 15

The Hydro Pool Source
The Relaxation Room Source

 I've had the most wonderful day today.  After a week of not feeling quite right about life, I feel that my natural happiness levels are almost restored.

Pete is in South Africa at the moment, (he gets back on Sunday-yay!) and on the day that he left last week, I found a card and a voucher that he had left for me in the post box downstairs.

The Voucher was for a Luxury Spa Day at the Hotel Verta which is a 10 minute walk along the river from our flat.

I was treated to a two course lunch, (I had the kingfish and then creme brûlée, both of which were delicious) and the view over the river from the Terrace Bar was lovely.

I then had a treatment and use of the wonderful spa facilities. I spent ages in the hydro pool, and just relaxing on the comfortable chairs flipping through a magazine in the relaxation room before and after my treatment.

I loved how in the relaxation room, there are a number of different loose herbal teas available, all with their benefits labelled on the jars.  After my wonderful massage by Sarah, I went for a detox tea.  There are tea bag 'covers' that you scoop your desired tea leaves into and then you place your home made tea bag into a small tea pot, which you then place on the small table next to your chair.  It was gorgeous and I want a glass tea pot and tea cup and saucer just like they have!

I left feeling relaxed, energised and restored, after 4 hours of no phone time, delicious food, pampering and lots of quiet reflection in my mind.

The spa was largely empty, with only 4 other people there!

The thought of going alone initially intimidated me, as I have always gone on Spa days with at least one other friend.

But it was wonderful.  And I would really recommend it.

I have been lucky enough to go on a few spa getaways in the past few years, and I think that other than The Grove, this would have to be my favourite by a long shot.  The hotel is really smart, my lunch was very tasty, the spa facilities are gorgeous and the staff were all very friendly and kind! My therapist Sarah was particularly good, I loved my full body massage and she was very professional!

I can't find the exact voucher online that Pete got me, it was a Monday to Thursday only voucher, but there are some other deals here for Spa Verta on Wahanda.

I will certainly be going there again!

After a quick change at home, I went to meet Jubes and Bean for an early dinner, the perfect end to a wonderful day!

Thank you to my incredible husband. For looking out for me always, supporting and helping me with everything in my life, and giving me wonderful surprise treats like this.

You are wonderful, and I love you so much.

Come home now please Pete!
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