Arriving Unannounced

Monday, August 11

Things have been a little stressful at my Parents home recently, and with my business being really quiet over August as many of Patients go away for the summer, I decided to surprise my Family with a visit.
I told only my Claire, my brother Paddy's girlfriend, that I had booked my ticket a month ago, and I amazingly managed to keep it a secret until I arrived!
As I was waiting to board my flight on Thursday evening, I sent Paddy a photo of my boarding pass, as I was banking on getting a lift from Durban for the 3 hour drive back to my Parents Farm after he finished work on Friday afternoon.
When we drove into the yard, my little sister Tess came out to meet Paddy, and he told her to look in the passenger's seat as he had 'got her a present for doing well in her high jump' that afternoon.
When Tess opened the car door and saw me crouched down, she totally freaked out. I have never seen her in such shock before! She couldn't speak and began to sob, she stood completely still and just pointed at me through her tears!
After she had regained her composure we went inside to where my Mum was busy in her sewing room. Mum stood up to greet Paddy, and upon seeing me she was also completely shocked! She had to sit down as she thought that she was going to faint. Dad was similarly shocked and said he couldn't believe his eyes.
It is so wonderful to be at home, although leaving sunny England for very chilly home has been weird! It is my Birthday on Saturday, and the last time that I was in South Africa over my Birthday was in 2006.  So it's been a LONG time since I've experienced winter here!

It also feels really strange seeing everything in shades of brown. I am used to seeing our Farm with green grass and the garden in full bloom when I come home!
I hope that you are having a super Monday so far, I'm going to do some screen printing now with my Mum and then we are going into town to fetch Tess from school :)

I just wish that Pete was here too!

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