Happy Friday

Friday, August 1

Hello and Happy Friday friends,

I posted a picture of Instagram this week of me in this brightly coloured top as I felt it matched my sunny mood this week perfectly!

I have had the all clear from my Oncologist at my check up, and my other Doctor is relatively pleased with how I am doing too!

What a relief.  

Although sometimes it freaks me out a little just how relieved they look after giving me the all clear too. Like they are a little surprised.  But it also reminds me of just how lucky I am to be able to be doing and enjoying what I love each and every precious day three melanoma's later.

Tomorrow I'm off to a Yoga Retreat for a Week with my lovely teacher Padma, for a 'Week of Ashram Living.'

I may be on Instagram, (@luluberrydiaries) but obviously won't be very active on my blog!

Have a super weekend,


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