My Birthday Weekend

Thursday, August 21

 On Saturday I celebrated my Birthday in South Africa for the first time since 2006, on my previous Birthday at home, it snowed so much that day that I couldn't even get into work! Thankfully this time it was a whole lot warmer.

I had the most wonderful day, filled with people coming and going for tea and yoga all day! My little cousins especially loved the arco yoga and my little cousin Kylie would have happily continued for hours!

On Sunday my brother Paddy, sister Tess and myself went horse riding in the wintery sunshine. I have not ridden for years and after some initial apprehension I surprisingly managed to pluck up the courage to canter a bit too.  My Dad gave me my own horse when I was eleven years old, she had come from the Namib desert in Namibia initially and was subsequently named Namib. She died of old age (having born many many foals) 18 years later.  I can't believe how fearless I used to be on a horse as a child, I am so much more cautious now!  Namib was such a big part of my childhood, and I am so privileged to have grown up riding horses around my Parents beautiful farm.

After our ride we went fishing and picnicking at one of the dams on our farm, and although the fishing wasn't very successful, we were soon joined by some of my aunts, uncles and cousins and my cousin Scoota and Odette's gorgeous little baby Siena!

On a side note, how well did my iPhone do taking all these pictures? I lugged my SLR all the way back to SA without realising it only had the gigantic lens on it! Great for zooming up on Wimbledon tennis players from high up in the grandstands, but not so much for every day life. Thank goodness for smart phones.

When I am in South Africa and surrounded by so much of my family and so many of my special friends, I feel that I want to move back there immediately. But as the plane touched down in London yesterday morning I was equally delighted to be back here. And super excited to see Pete who stayed behind to work whilst I was in SA.

My heart is torn.

Perhaps I need to find a way to divide my time between South Africa and London equally?
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