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Tuesday, September 9

With the end of the British school holidays last week, I am almost back into my normal routine of work life.

I've been so lucky to have not worked for most of the past month.  I am very fortunate to absolutely LOVE what I do, but I'm very grateful that having my own business allows me to take time off when I need and want to.

Having some down time has allowed me to work on some other projects, and I am SO grateful for all the love that my new site for Physio's has been getting - THANK YOU to everyone who has looked at it!

If you are a Physio and reading this, I would love you to contribute to the site - please look at the Contribute page on My Physio School.

I have started working on my case study for the Pelvic Floor examination course that I did recently and I am finding it all so interesting. I really am such a nerd. And I am so relieved that the vaginal examinations have nowhere near as difficult (or scary) as I expected them to be.  Incontinence affects so many ladies, and yet so many women are too embarrassed to talk about it.  

If you are reading this and struggle at all with accidentally leaking urine - Please go and see a Women's Health Physio.  They will assess you and advise you, and there are exercises that you can do that really do help!

I am also a week into doing the 12 week Creativity course in the book The Artists Way, by Julia Cameron which is a course in "Discovering and Recovering your Creative Self."  And I am loving it so far! I've had the book for ages, (thanks Robs) and was reminded of its gain recently (thanks Nicole) and so I fished it out of my bookshelf last week.

This first week has involved writing 3 A4 pages of longhand writing every morning, which is just a stream of consciousness.  You aren't supposed to ever read or look at the pages again, and so it gives you the ability to jot down whatever thoughts are rushing around in your head.  I'm finding that it allows me to write down the clutter in the forefront of brain, which is then allowing me to think a little more deeply (and creatively?) as a result of it. 

I'm finding it quite 'meditative' actually.

She also encourages you to have an 'artists date' with yourself which is two hours of a creative project each week, and so I did some screen printing on Saturday.  The key for me is to focus on enjoying the process and not to let my ego become too obsessed with what I have ultimately created...

I think you should get her book and do the course, as I think that it really has the potential to be a kind of creative journey and inner healing at the same time? 

If that makes any sense?

I will keep you posted with how I get on! 
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