Nama - Our Amazing Raw Vegan Dinner

Friday, September 5

Last Friday, Jubes recommended that we go to Nama, a Vegan Raw Foodie haven in Notting Hill.  Jubes had seen it recommended by Ella on her amazing blog, Deliciously Ella.

I was delighted when Pete agreed to along come too, and very impressed that he was happy to spend the last evening of his 20's eating only Vegan food that hadn't been cooked! 

(Some of the dishes are dehydrated in a dehydrator which is how they create dishes like the crackers and the pizza base below)

I did what I usually do whenever when I go to a restaurant with Jubes, and got her to choose all the dishes for us to share. Jubes has usually studied the menu before we arrive at a restaurant, so between what she had liked the look of beforehand, and the dishes that Ella had recommended we had an incredibly delicious feast!

Above you can see that for starters we had the seed crackers and hummus, and the crackers and nut cheeses.  Remember it's a vegan restaurant so no dairy allowed.  It was the second time I have tried 'cheese' made from nuts and again I loved it! It actually tastes quite similar to soft regular cottage cheese.

You guys. That pile of kale salad that you can see in front of Pete was Incredible!

For our mains, the three of us shared the "Chilli" which looked like mince! But was actually a pile of deliciousness made from mushroom, walnut, carrot & pepper chilli served with guacamole, probiotic sour cream and corn chips.

I could happily have tried all the mains on offer!  The Thai coconut curry looks amazing...

 The pizza was also great, the base was made from courgette and walnuts, and the topping was pomodoro, nut and seed 'cheese', caramelised onions, marinated mushrooms, olives and sun dried tomatoes. 

The decor is simple and elegant and our waitress was wonderful.

For dessert we share their 'Bounty' bars which were perhaps my highlight of the evening. I am such a fan of coconut and chocolate! And a dehydrated blueberry cheesecake which was ridiculously good too!

It was such a wonderful dinner and experience and if you are in London I would totally recommend that you go there!  

And for my lovely Vegan blogger friends Michelle and Siobhan, you guys would love it there if you haven't already been!

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