A Beautiful Brunch

Monday, November 3

On Saturday morning I went to the most wonderful Blogger girls catch up.  It was hosted by Teri from The Lovely Drawer, who really is LOVELY!

I hadn't met her before but was fortunate enough to be invited to the get together through some other bloggers that I know.

Other than how absolutely gorgeous the table looked (as you can see in the pictures above), Teri also provided us with an absolute feast! She casually pulled off a brunch for 12 people in her pretty flat, and made it all look absolutely effortless.  Which it really can't have been!

Thank you Teri!

You really need to look at her Blog and Shop for more of her fabulous style and products!

I have been totally uninspired recently in this space of mine on the Internet (in case you hadn't noticed) and catching up with so many inspirational creative ladies on Saturday morning was just what I needed.  

I was thinking this morning how tough this year really has been emotionally.  The Universe has dealt my Family a really horrible hand and whilst I try to be all 'yogi-like' and grow and learn from all that has and is happening, I'm really struggling with it.

I wear my heart completely on my sleeve and when I'm feeling unsure and saddened by where things are at, I struggle to be inspired, motivated and creative in this space.

With so much going on for everyone in the world, I seek for this site to be motivational, informative and uplifting, and I unfortunately I really struggle with creating content when I'm not feeling on top of things myself.

So THANK YOU for your Patience! 

I so appreciate you coming here and love hearing from you.

Today however, I am delighted to shared these pretty photo's and introduce you to Teri! 

Have a Happy Monday my friends! 
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