A Surprise Brunch for my Mum

Friday, December 5


Last Saturday, my little sister Tess and I (well mainly Tess actually) organised a surprise brunch for Our Mum to thank her for all that she has done for our family this year! This year has been super horrible for our Family health wise, and between my Dad's cancer treatment, my brother and sister recently both in hospital at the same time and all sorts of other disasters, I'm really amazed at how she manages to keep everything together for all of us!
We invited family and friends for a girls only brunch and had 37 ladies join us for a wonderful morning.
My aunt Judy helped us with the planning and cooking and also made that amazing cake in the first picture!
The morning ended up being a little rushed so the pictures above were all taken on my camera by my sister and her friends - thanks girls!
As we were setting up in the morning the electricity was turned off for load shedding, which was very annoying but in the true spirit of our wonderful farming community, a number of ladies arrived with hot water in flasks for us! Fortunately the electricity eventually came back on in time for us to turn the electric urns on teas and coffees.
(For non South Africans reading this, South Africa currently has a shortage of electricity, and so the government owned electricity company Eskom, frequently turns off the electricity in different areas for a few hours at a time to help to combat this.  We have a generator but it isn't quite powerful to power everything in the house, but at least it means we have lights and can use some appliances.  There is a helpful website where you can view when load shedding is likely to affect you, however in the almost two weeks that I have been at home, they are yet to follow this timetable!)
Thanks so much to all the ladies who joined us in white last Saturday! It was such a special morning. The newest addition to our farm, Ellie, the puppy that you can see Tess holding above loved it too!
Have a super weekend friends!
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